Saturday, July 9, 2011

my bad!!!!

I am so bad at this blogging thing. I am much better on facebook. I recently saw the movie The Social Network and I hate to say this but the creator to facebook does appear to be a jerk. whz steal someone else's idea and cut someone else's investments??? then i remember what facebook is worth now and it all makes sense. but is it tru that you have got to stand on someone else to reach to the top??? Makes me wonder...

Monday, April 25, 2011

my midnight mudpie!!!

so after my siesta,

which was quite uneven with the landlady's 'sausage' dog having a bad day-barking away to glory and the neighbours throwing a terrace party...who the hell throws terrace party in mid summer in Hyderabad's heat!!!!...anyway!!!)

i suddenly remember i have to click pictures for opening this joint account at the bank with my husband.

(oh BTW did i tell u i was married???...i don't think i did...I'm married- met him in Nov, fell in love in Dec, got hitch this Feb and moved base to Hyderabad in march.
current status- married
desperate housewife,
desperately don't wanna stay a housewife
so am dying to get dyeing like i used to do.)

so i get all dressed up...wear my husband's anokhi shirt, slap make up on my face and go to the nearest photo studio which turned out ot be in the shadiest of shady zairanagar(I'm not sure if that's the correct spelling).

here i am in my Indian high street brand, in a garage turned photo studio where the photographer is busy watching t.v. he looks at me, (I'm all sweaty by this time thanks to the various hills in banjara hills and the humidity has got best of my hairdo), makes me sit in front of a curtain (which used to be white in prehistoric times but has definitely lost the battle against time n dust) and just starts click clicking like a banshee all the while telling me in a highly accented english to 'esmile pleaze'.i oblige but my smile is more of a wince than anything else coz the stool he made me sit on was a poorer cousin of the leaning tower of Pisa and sitting straight on it was a pain!

once the photo session was over then came the humiliating battle wit photoshop where the guy was hell bent to make me look like Angelina Jolie. i know i have marks on my face and a chin to go with my chin but seriously do u really need to make me all perfect and plastic!!!!

but I'm new in the city and you never know when I'll need to go back to the shady studio. so i humbly take the assault on my image, take the quick digital print out and almost run out of the place!!!

on my way back home i enter this bistro which advertised dilli chat which had put me off the place for so long. never the less the place surprised me with the gorgeously baked food and the breakfast all day menu...i buy the whole wheat bread that reminds me of my cookie jars breads from kolkata and a mud pie for myself knowing perfectly well that i could devour it completely as my husband was suffering from indigestion from awesome kerela food we had had the night before.

so here i am...playing city ville on face book, typing my heart out on this blog and helping myself generously to my midnight mud pie!!!

before the afternoon siesta...


do you think the chocolate fountain in charlie and the chocolate factory was actually made of chocolate??? beats me!!! I am beat anyway...promise to write longer and better next time...happy birthday blog!!!